About Us

I do like cats a lot. Almost any kind of them, yet the British ones wound their way into my heart the most. They are really kitty Teddies. For first we bought the famous tabby called Füge (Fig), followed by Lili (Lily), whom we brought from the Czech Republic. Both of them are especial individuals. Füge is extra curious and would be ready to play even 24 hours long, Lili is much more distant and measured lady.

During the exhibitions we made good scores.

For the time being we are a mini breed, for limits of our home we do not increase the complement, but we are trying to rejoice the future cat-loving owners with beautiful and prime kitties.

We were not planning growing, but the colour violet took my fancy and I found an Austrian breed very appealing, so I had to be waiting impatiently till they had a violet baby girl, Kalahari. I did not regret it at all. We must render thanks to the breeder: Monica for she helped us a lot.

Our last new-comer is a bit odd one out: she is a Selkirk Rex - curly haired kitty. We were not planning to have her at all, but she wound her way into our heart and we could not say no for her. Cunami is an extraordinary, incredibly good mannered baby girl with beautiful shape and colour.

For a while we will be not growing any further, though I stated this already some years ago, but we will keep on improving quality.

Cats can show new things every day, and it has positive sides:
"God has made the cat to give man the pleasure of caressing the tiger."
Victor Hugo

and sometimes some drawbacks too:
"Those who'll play with cats must expect to be scratched."
Miguel De Cervantes

Ch. von Orchideenwald Bohoc
Int. Ch. Little Lilly Falling Star
Curly Cunami from Sang Raal